Housing for People with Substance Use Disorders: One Size Does Not Fit All Tenants-Assessment of 16 Housing Services and Suggestions for Improvement Based on Real World Experience.


Housing is an important factor for individuals addressing substance use disorders (SUD). This work compared aims and outcomes for new housing services and made suggestions for improvement. 16 new services were assessed over 6 months activity against factors identified as important. Services defined expected standards including (1) engagement with treatment for SUD, (2) restrictions on continuing substance use by tenants. After 6 months, 9 (56%) housing projects did not achieve planned standards and lowered criteria for inclusion. When setting up housing for people with SUD it is important to define clearly the nature of the intended service. Different types of housing programs in a network are needed to meet the evolving behaviour of tenants. One size does not fit all. Stable housing is important for people addressing SUD and these suggestions may increase the chance of providing a suitable foundation for people in need.


Housing,Real world experience,Recovery,Substance use disorders,

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