How is the discourse of performance-based financing shaped at the global level? A poststructural analysis.


Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health (ESPUM), University of Montreal, 7101, avenue du Parc, 3rd floor, Montreal, Quebec, H3N 1X9, Canada. [Email]


Performance-based financing (PBF) in low- and middle-income settings has diffused at an unusually rapid pace. While many studies have looked at PBF implementation processes and effects, there is an empirical research gap investigating the ways PBF has diffused. Discursive processes are paramount elements of policy diffusion because they explain the origins of essential elements of the political debate on PBF. Using Bacchi's poststructural approach that emphasises problem representations embedded in the discourse, the present study analyses the construction of the global discourse on PBF.


Diffusion entrepreneurs,Global discourse,Performance-based financing,Poststructural analysis,

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