How was research engaged with and used in the development of 131 policy documents? Findings and measurement implications from a mixed methods study.


The Sax Institute, Level 13, Building 10, 235 Jones Street, Ultimo, NSW, 2007, Australia. [Email]


Much has been written about the use of evidence in policy; however, there is still little known about whether and how research is engaged with and used in policy development or the impact of reported barriers and facilitators. This paper aims to (1) describe the characteristics of 131 policy documents, (2) describe the ways in which research was engaged with (e.g. was searched for, appraised or generated) and used (e.g. to clarify understanding, persuade others or inform a policy) in the development of these policy documents, and (3) identify the most commonly reported barriers and facilitators and describe their association with research engagement and use.


Capacity,Evidence,Health policy,Knowledge translation,Policymaker,Research,

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