Impact of Novel Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics on Blood Bank Pretransfusion Testing.


Department of Pathology, University of Chicago, 5841 South Maryland Avenue, AMB S339, MC 3083, Chicago, IL 60637, USA. Electronic address: [Email]


Novel monoclonal antibody therapies are increasing in number and clinical significance as their role in oncologic formularies expands. Anti-CD38 and anti-CD47/SIRPα agents commonly interfere with pretransfusion compatibility testing. Anti-CD38 interference is mitigated by dithiothreitol, which disrupts CD38 antigen on reagent red cells; however, this modification limits rule-out of all clinically significant antibodies. Several anti-CD47 agents are in clinical trials and demonstrate wide variability in pretransfusion testing interference. Modifications to pretransfusion testing can limit interference by anti-CD47 agents. Rapid dissemination of knowledge of these monoclonal antibody agents to the broader transfusion medicine community is paramount for continued patient transfusion safety.


CD38,CD47,Immunohematology,Monoclonal antibody therapy,Pretransfusion testing,

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