Impact on antitumor response using a new adjuvant preparation as a component of a human papillomavirus type 16 therapeutic vaccine candidate.


Pharmaceutical Department, Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, P.O. Box 6162, Cubanacán, Playa, Havana 10600, Cuba. Electronic address: [Email]


Cervical cancer is a global public health problem and human papillomavirus (HPV) 16 accounts for approximately 50% of cases worldwide. Although there are several types of HPV therapeutic vaccines in clinical research, there are currently not approved for use in humans. We developed the fusion protein LALF32-51-E7 (hereafter denominated CIGB550-E7) defined by a cell-penetrating peptide linked to an E7 mutein for the treatment of HPV16-associated tumors. We have demonstrated previously the benefit on antitumor response induced by the immunization with CIGB550-E7 admixed with very small size proteoliposomes (VSSP) adjuvant compared with the adjuvant-free immunization. In this study, we obtained a similar antitumor response in mice immunized with CIGB550-E7 admixed with the new adjuvant sVSSP that does not contain any animal-derived product. Also, the immunization with the above mentioned vaccine preparation induced a cell-mediated immune response. Our results are encouraging for the future clinical trials with the vaccine candidate CIGB550-E7+sVSSP.


CIGB550-E7,HPV vaccine,LALF(32-51)-E7,VSSP,fusion protein,

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