In-Situ Growth of Au on KTaO3 Sub-Micron Cubes via Wet Chemical Approach for Enhanced Photodegradation of p-Nitrophenol.


Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen 518055, China. [Email]


KTaO3/Au hetero-nanostructures were synthesized by in-situ reduction of HAuCl4 on the surface of hydrothermally-grown KTaO3 sub-micron cubes. The concentration of Au source was found to be a critical factor in controlling the hetero-nucleation of Au nanoparticles on the surface of KTaO3 sub-micron cubes. Loading of Au particles on KTaO3 nanocrystals enriched KTaO3 additional UV-vis absorption in the visible light region. Both KTaO3 and KTaO3/Au nanocrystals were shown to be active in the photo-degradation of p-nitrophenol, while the loading of Au on KTaO3 clearly improved the photo-degradation efficiency of p-nitrophenol compared to that on bare KTaO3 nanocrystals, probably due to the improved light absorption and charge separation.


KTaO3/Au hetero-nanostructures,concentration of Au source,in-situ synthesis,photo-degradation of p-nitrophenol,