Infants with microcephaly due to ZIKA virus exposure: nutritional status and food practices.


Samira Fernandes Morais Dos Santos


Institution: Instituto Nacional de Saúde da Mulher, Criança e Adolescente Fernandes Figueira - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz (IFF- FIOCRUZ), Av. Rui Barbosa, 716, Rio de Janeiro, 22250-020, Brazil. [Email]


Children with microcephaly due to vertical exposure to Zika virus are an interesting population for investigation. Highlighted among their unique aspects are those related to nutrition due to its impact on child growth and development. Knowledge about the nutrition of microcephalic infants can help mothers and caregivers provide better care. Thus, this study aimed to describe the nutritional status and feeding practices of infants with microcephaly due to Zika virus exposure at birth and 12-23 months of age.


Infant nutrition,Microcephaly,Nutritional status,Zika virus,