Influential factors on the composition of the conventionally raised broiler gastrointestinal microbiomes.


Department of Food Science, Center for Food Safety, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72704, USA. Electronic address: [Email]


The microbiome has entered the vernacular of the consumer as well as broiler production and is, therefore, becoming increasingly important to poultry producers to understand. The microbiome is, by definition, compositional and relates to how the microbiological organisms within the gut inhabit that ecological niche. The gut is diverse, flexible, and data acquired requires a greater understanding of the host-microbiome axes, as well as advanced bioinformatics and ecology. There are numerous microbial populations that define the gut microbiome; however, there are even more effects that can influence its composition. As management practices vary between producers, documenting these influences is an essential component of beginning to understand the microbiome. This review targets broiler production and concatenates the currently understood compositional ecology of the broiler gastrointestinal tract microbiome as well as its influences.


bioinformatics,composition,conventional broiler production,gastrointestinal tract,microbiome,

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