Insights from intoxicated Drosophila.


Neuroscience Department, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912, United States. Electronic address: [Email]


Our understanding of alcohol use disorder (AUD), particularly alcohol's effects on the nervous system, has unquestionably benefited from the use of model systems such as Drosophila melanogaster. Here, we briefly introduce the use of flies in alcohol research, and highlight the genetic accessibility and neurobiological contribution that flies have made to our understanding of AUD. Future fly research offers unique opportunities for addressing unresolved questions in the alcohol field, such as the neuromolecular and circuit basis for cravings and alcohol-induced neuroimmune dysfunction. This review strongly advocates for interdisciplinary approaches and translational collaborations with the united goal of confronting the major health problems associated with alcohol abuse and addiction.


Addiction,Alcohol,Behavior,Brain,Circuits,Drosophila,Genetics,Model organism,Neuroimmune,