Interobserver Agreement of the Estimated Contact Surface Area System for Renal Masses.


Department of Urology, Shamir (Assaf Harrofeh) Medical Center, Affiliated with Tel-Aviv University, Tzrifin, Israel. Electronic address: [Email]


Nephrometry scores have been designed to assist in standardization of renal masses before nephron-sparing surgery. Estimated contact surface area (eCSA) has been recently described. However, its reproducibility between raters has not been rigorously explored. Our aim was to examine the reproducibility of eCSA and Radius, Exophytic, Nearness, Anterior, Line (RENAL) score (RS) nephrometry systems for renal masses by studying the interobserver agreement between 4 raters.


Agreement,Contact surface area,Interobserver,Nephrometry,RENAL,

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