Investigating the Possible Protective Role of Direct Intra-arterial Administration of Mannitol and N-Acetylcysteine and Per Os Administration of Simvastatin Against Contrast-Induced Nephropathy: An Experimental Study in a Rabbit Model.


Department of Vascular Surgery, 2nd Surgical Department, General Hospital of Thessaloniki "G.Gennimatas", Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Eth. Aminis 41, 546 35, Thessaloniki, Greece. [Email]


OBJECTIVE : Contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) is one of the leading causes of hospital-acquired acute kidney injury due to the use of iodinated contrast media in various interventional procedures like endovascular aneurysm repair. Its pathophysiology remains mostly unclear. The purpose of the present study was to comparatively study the possible protective role of direct intra-arterial administration of mannitol and acetylcysteine and per os administration of simvastatin in a histopathological level.
METHODS : In the present study, we administered iopromide directly in the infrarenal aorta of 24 New Zealand white rabbits after laparotomy. Animals were divided in four groups of six: G1 received iopromide with no protection, G2 iopromide with mannitol, G3 iopromide with acetylcysteine, and G4 iopromide with simvastatin. Renal function blood parameters were assessed prior to the administration, and in 48 h; histopathological evaluation of the kidneys was performed.
RESULTS : CIN was evident only in the no protection group G1. Moreover, G1 demonstrated significantly more severe lesions than groups G2, G3, and G4 regarding histopathological findings in glomeruli, vacuolization of tubular epithelial cells, tubular proteinaceous casts, and tubular necrosis. According to our results, intra-arterial administration of mannitol seems to be effective in protection against tubular necrosis.
CONCLUSIONS : In general, all three agents demonstrated a protective role in preventing the development of CIN, although it seems that there are various pathways that remain to be investigated further.


Acetylcysteine,CIN protection,Contrast-induced nephropathy,Intra-arterial,Mannitol,Rabbit model,Simvastatin,

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