Involvement of the Hydroperoxy Group in the Irreversible Inhibition of Leukocyte-Type 12-Lipoxygenase by Monoterpene Glycosides Contained in the Qing Shan Lu Shui Tea.


Department of Nutritional Science, Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, Okayama Prefectural University, 111 Kuboki, Soja, Okayama 719-1197, Japan. [Email]


We have previously found two novel monoterpene glycosides, liguroside A and liguroside B, with an inhibitory effect on the catalytic activity of the enzyme leukocyte-type 12-lipoxygenase in the Qing Shan Lu Shui tea. Here, two new monoterpene glycosides, liguroside C and liguroside D which inhibit this enzyme, were isolated from the same tea. The spectral and chemical evidence characterized the structures of these compounds as (5E)-7-hydroperoxy-3,7-dimethyl-1,5-octadienyl-3-O-(α-l-rhamnopyranosyl)-(1''→3')-(4'''-O-trans-p-coumaroyl)-β-d-glucopyranoside and (2E)-6-hydroxy-3,7-dimethyl-2,7-octadienyl-3-O-(α-l-rhamnopyranosyl)-(1''→3')-(4'''-O-trans-p-coumaroyl)-β-d-glucopyranoside, respectively. These ligurosides, which irreversibly inhibited leukocyte-type 12-lipoxygenase, have a hydroperoxy group in the monoterpene moiety. Additionally, monoterpene glycosides had the same backbone structure but did not have a hydroperoxy group, such as kudingoside A and lipedoside B-III, contained in the tea did not inhibit the enzyme. When a hydroperoxy group in liguroside A was reduced by using triphenylphosphine, the resultant compound, kudingoside B, showed a lower inhibitory effect on the enzyme. These results strongly suggest the involvement of the hydroperoxy group in the irreversible inhibition of the catalytic activity of leukocyte-type 12-lipoxygenase by the monoterpene glycosides contained in the Qing Shan Lu Shui tea.


Ligustrum robustum,Qing Shan Lu Shui,hydroperoxy group,irreversible inhibition,leukocyte-type 12-lipoxygenase,liguroside,monoterpene glycoside,

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