Ivabradine and metoprolol in fixed dose combination: When, why and how to use it.


Department of Cardiology, Asklepeion General Hospital, Athens, Greece. Electronic address: [Email]


Heart rate is an important factor in coronary artery disease and its manifestations, and as such has been considered as a possible target for therapy. Although in epidemiological, and in less degree, in clinical studies derived indications of a possible pathogenetic role of heart rate in major cardiac diseases, clinical trials did not provided any strong evidence. However, even as a simple risk marker, remains important in the treatment of coronary artery disease and heart failure. Beta-blockers are the drugs most frequently used for heart rate control. However, recent studies constantly find insufficient effectiveness of beta-blockers in heart rate control and go further to question their efficacy on outcomes, making clear the need for an additional therapy. Ivabradine, a pure heart rate inhibitor, added to classic beta-blocker treatment represent the new therapeutic option in stable coronary disease and heart failure.


Fixed dose combination,Ivabradine,Metoprolol,Stable angina,