Lack of association of cranial lacunae with intracranial hypertension in children with Crouzon syndrome and Apert syndrome: a 3D morphometric quantitative analysis.


Craniofacial Unit, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK. [Email]


Cranial lacunae (foci of attenuated calvarial bone) are CT equivalents of "copper beating" seen on plain skull radiographs in children with craniosynostosis. The qualitative presence of copper beating has not been found to be useful for the diagnosis of intracranial hypertension (IH) in these patients. 3D morphometric analysis (3DMA) allows a more systematic and quantitative assessment of calvarial attenuation. We used 3DMA to examine the relationship between cranial lacunae and IH in children with Crouzon and Apert syndromic craniosynostosis.


3D morphometric,Apert,Crouzon,Intracranial pressure,

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