MIR4532 gene variant rs60432575 influences the expression of KCNJ11 and the sulfonylureas-stimulated insulin secretion.


Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, 410008, Changsha, China. [Email]


Diabetes mellitus is a major chronic disease and causes over one million deaths. KCNJ11 genetic polymorphisms influence the response of first-line oral antidiabetic agent sulfonylureas. Hsa-miR-4532 correlates with diabetic nephropathy and has a high abundance in urine. MIR4532 rs60452575 G>A variant changes the mature sequence of hsa-miR-4532. We studied whether the genetic polymorphisms of MIR4532 rs60452575 would influence KCNJ11 expression and sulfonylurea-stimulated insulin secretion or not.