Measuring electronic structure properties of flavins and flavoproteins by electronic Stark spectroscopy.


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The optical spectrum of a flavoprotein is one of its signature properties. No two flavoprotein absorption spectra are exactly alike as each encodes the details of the interaction of the flavin cofactor electronic structure with the specific protein binding pocket. Electronic Stark spectroscopy has the potential to elucidate these interactions with high sensitivity, at low cost, and requiring minimal technical sophistication. In this chapter we will outline the theoretical basis for Stark spectroscopy and describe the construction of the Stark spectrometer. Step-by-step instructions are given for acquiring and interpreting Stark spectra to retrieve difference moments of the flavin ground versus excited state charge distributions.


Dipole moments,Electroabsorption spectroscopy,Electrochromism,Flavins,Flavoproteins,Stark spectroscopy,