Meta-analysis of the effects of overexpression of WRKY transcription factors on plant responses to drought stress.


Hebei Branch of Chinese National Maize Improvement Center, Hebei Agricultural University, Baoding, People's Republic of China. [Email]


The tryptophan-arginine-lysine-tyrosine (WRKY) transcription factors play important roles in plants, allowing them to adapt to environmental conditions that are not normally conducive to plant growth; in particular, drought. There has been extensive research on WRKY transcription factors and the effects of their overexpression in plants on resistance to drought stress. However, due to the materials (the type and species of donor and receptor, promoters) and treatments (the type and time of stress) used, different and often confounding results have been obtained between studies. Meta-analysis is a powerful statistical tool that can be used to summarize results from numerous independent experiments on the same research topic while accounting for variability across experiments.


Drought,Meta-analysis,Over-express,WRKY transcription factors,

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