Modern neuro-ophthalmological evaluation of patients with pituitary disorders.


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Pituitary adenomas can manifest as ophthalmological symptoms, such as decreased vision, impaired visual field or diplopia. It is important to recognize these neuro-ophthalmological syndromes to achieve early diagnosis and treatment and to improve prognosis. Currently, ophthalmological examination includes precise measuring instruments, such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), which allows the evaluation of optic atrophy related to compression of the anterior optic tract. These measurements are reproducible and are useful for diagnostic and prognostic evaluation. In this review, we describe the ophthalmological syndromes associated with pituitary tumours: anterior optic pathway compression, followed by oculomotor disorders and pituitary apoplexy.


anterior optic pathway,chiasma,neuro-ophthalmic disorders,oculomotor disorders,pituitary apoplexy,

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