Modified technique of internal limiting membrane staining in idiopathic macular hole surgery.


Ophthalmology Department, Alexandria University, 8 Hassan Allam Street, Kasr Elmoltazem, Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt. [Email]


OBJECTIVE : To describe a new method of ILM staining with TB under perfluorocarbon in cases of full thickness idiopathic macular hole using the inverted ILM flap technique.
METHODS : This study was a prospective interventional case series that included 42 eyes of 42 patients who had full thickness idiopathic macular hole with a minimum diameter more than 400 µm. Patients consecutively underwent vitrectomy with inverted ILM flap technique using the modified ILM staining method.
RESULTS : Anatomic success was achieved in 40 patients (95.2%). The other two patients had flat-open macular holes with bare RPE (foveal defect of neurosensory retina). Among the 40 eyes with closed holes, 25 eyes were of the U-type closure (normal foveal contour) and 15 eyes were of the V-type closure (steep foveal contour). These 40 eyes remained closed during the 6 months follow-up period.
CONCLUSIONS : The modified technique of ILM staining using TB under PFCL is safe and effective in cases of idiopathic macular hole combined with the inverted ILM flap technique.


Internal limiting membrane,Inverted ILM,Macular hole,Staining,