Multi-scale structure and pasting/digestion features of yam bean tuber starches.


Group for Cereals and Oils Processing, College of Food Science and Technology, Key Laboratory of Environment Correlative Dietology (Ministry of Education), Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, 430070, China; Jinjian Cereals Industry Co., Ltd., Changde, 415000, China. Electronic address: [Email]


This work discloses the multi-scale structure and pasting/digestion behaviors of yam bean tuber starches (YB-GD and YB-SC). Compared to potato starch, YB starches exhibited varied pasting/digestion features that were understood from a multi-scale structural view. Especially, YB starches showed relatively polydisperse lamellae, less perfect crystallites, and fewer amylose molecules. These features should reduce the bulk density of starch chain packing, and could facilitate the water or enzyme diffusion in starch matrixes. Consistently, not only was starch's resistance to hydrothermal effects weakened (shown by reduced pasting temperature), but also the enzyme absorption to starch chains and the subsequent hydrolysis events were accelerated. Furthermore, YB starch molecules had more short chains, which played roles in reducing the paste viscosity along with the reduced granule size and in enhancing the paste stabilities during heating and cooling. Also, those molecular features tended to speed up the enzyme diffusion and digestion events.


Multi-scale,Physicochemical features,Starch (PubChem CID: 24836924),Structure,Water (PubChem CID: 962),Yam bean tuber starch,

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