NIS/TMSOTf-Promoted Glycosidation of Glycosyl ortho-Hexynylbenzoates for Versatile Synthesis of O-Glycosides and Nucleosides.


Liu R(1), Hua Q(1), Lou Q(1), Wang J(1), Li X(1), Ma Z(1), Yang Y(1).
Author information:
(1)Shanghai Key Laboratory of New Drug Design, School of Pharmacy, East China University of Science and Technology, 130 Meilong Road, Shanghai 200237, China.


Glycosidation plays a pivotal role in the synthesis of O-glycosides and nucleosides that mediate a diverse range of biological processes. However, efficient glycosidation approach for the synthesis of both O-glycosides and nucleosides remains challenging in terms of glycosidation yields, mild reaction conditions, readily available glycosyl donors, and cheap promoters. Here, we report a versatile N-iodosuccinimide/trimethylsilyl triflate (NIS/TMSOTf)-promoted glycosidation approach with glycosyl ortho-hexynylbenzoates as donors for the highly efficient synthesis of O-glycosides and nucleosides. The glycosidation approach highlights the merits of mild reaction conditions, cheap promoters, extremely wide substrate scope, and good to excellent yields. Notably, the glycosidation approach performs very well in the construction of a series of challenging O- and N-glycosidic linkages. The glycosidation approach is then applied to the efficient synthesis of oligosaccharides via the one-pot strategy and the stepwise strategy. On the basis of the isolation and characterization of the departure species derived from the leaving group, a plausible mechanism of NIS/TMSOTf-promoted glycosidation of glycosyl ortho-hexynylbenzoates is proposed.