No country for new seeds: food and environmental security implications of Mexico's intended ban on GM crops.


Instituto de Investigaciones en Ecosistemas y Sustentabilidad, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 58190, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. [Email]


An intended generalized ban on the "introduction and use of transgenic seeds" has been announced by the Mexican government, which, unlike the other agricultural programs under this administration, lacks a budget and rules of operation. In this policy brief we consider scenarios of implementing such an intended ban, de-regulating the use of genetically modified crops, or an intermediate scenario under the existing biosafety regulations. We recommend maintaining the status quo given its potential contributions to food and environmental security, in addition to a better economic outlook. However, a greater impulse needs to be given by the federal government to foment the domestic development of GM crops that are pertinent for Mexican agri-food needs, in addition to funding the development and implementation of various agro-ecological practices that increase biodiversity in food production units.


Agroecology,Biodiversity,Biosafety,Climate change,Public policy,Science policy,

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