On-Line Monitoring of Blind Fastener Installation Process.


Tecnalia Research and Innovation, 20009 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain. [Email]


Blind fasteners are of special interest for aircraft construction since they allow working on joints where only one side is accessible, as is the case in many common aerospace box-type structures, such as stabilizers and flaps. This paper aims to deliver an online monitoring method for the detection of incorrect installed blind fasteners. In this type of fastener, the back side of the assembly is not accessible, so monitoring the process installation is suitable as a system to assess the formed head at the back side with no access. The solution proposed consists of an on-line monitoring system that is based on sensor signals acquired during the installation. The signals are conveniently analyzed in order to provide an evaluation outcome on how the fastener was installed. This new method will help production to decrease/eliminate time and cost-intensive inspections and fasteners over installation in structures. The decrease of the number of installed fasteners will also contribute to weight savings and will reduce the use of resources.


blind fasteners,classification method for quality assessment,k-means clustering,non-destructive inspection,online process monitoring,process signal analysis,