On-site testing of multiple drugs of abuse in urine by a miniature dual-LIT mass spectrometer.


State Key Laboratory of Precision Measurement Technology and Instruments, Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University, 100084, Beijing, China; Department of Chemistry, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 47906, USA. Electronic address: [Email]


There is an increasing need for rapid and on-site detection of emerging drugs of abuse. In this work, we developed a method using a miniature dual-LIT (linear ion trap) mass spectrometer recently developed with comprehensive tandem mass spectrometry analysis capability, for qualitative and quantitative analysis of multiple drugs of abuse. Paper-capillary spray cartridges were used with related workflow established to simplify overall analysis procedure. Quantitation of ketamine and methamphetamine was achieved by beam-type collision-induced dissociation on the miniature dual-LIT mass spectrometer and a linear concentration range of 100-5000 ng/mL was obtained. The system has been applied in analysis of real urine samples from individuals addicted to morphine and methamphetamine use. The changes of the ratio of cocaine to its metabolite benzoylecgonine were also explored to estimate the time of cocaine intaking.


Ambient ionization,Drugs of abuse,Miniature mass spectrometry system,On-site analysis,Quantitation,

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