Onvansertib, a polo-like kinase 1 inhibitor, inhibits prostate stromal cell growth and prostate smooth muscle contraction, which is additive to inhibition by α1-blockers.


Department of Urology, University Hospital, LMU Munich, Munich, Germany. Electronic address: [Email]


Prostate smooth muscle contraction and prostate enlargement contribute to lower urinary tract symptoms suggestive of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Recent evidence demonstrated that inhibitors for polo-like kinases (PLKs) inhibit smooth muscle contraction of human prostate tissues. However, their additive effects to α1-blockers, and effects on prostate growth are unknown. Here, we examined effects of a novel and highly selective PLK1 inhibitor, onvansertib on prostate smooth muscle contraction alone and in combination with α1-blockers, and on proliferation and viability of prostate stromal cells (WPMY-1). Prostate tissues were obtained from radical prostatectomy. Contractions were studied in an organ bath. Proliferation and viability were assessed by plate colony, EdU, and CCK-8 assay. Electric field stimulation (EFS)-induced contractions of human prostate tissues were inhibited to 34% by 100 nM and 1 μM onvansertib at 32 Hz, and to 48% and 47% by the α1-blockers tamsulosin and silodosin. Combination of onvansertib with tamsulosin or silodosin further reduced EFS-induced contractions in comparison to α1-blockers alone (59% and 61% respectively), and to onvansertib alone (68% for both). Noradrenaline-, phenylephrine-, methoxamine-, endothelin-1-, and ATP-induced contractions were inhibited by onvansertib (100 nM) to similar extent. Viability and proliferation of WPMY-1 cells were reduced in a concentration- and time-dependent manner (24-72 h, 10-100 nM). Onvansertib inhibits neurogenic, adrenergic, and endothelin-1- and ATP-induced contractions of human prostate smooth muscle, and proliferation of stromal cells. Contractions are reduced not more than 50% by α1-blockers. Combination of α1-blockers with onvansertib provides additive inhibition of prostate contractions.


Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH),Human endothelin-1 (PubChem CID 16212950),Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS),Methoxamine (PubChem CID 6081),Noradrenaline (PubChem CID 439260),Onvansertib,Onvansertib (PCM-075) (PubChem CID 49792852),Phenylephrine (PubChem CID 5284443),Polo-like kinase (PLK),Prostate smooth muscle contraction,Silodosin (PubChem CID 5312125),Tamsulosin (PubChem CID 5362376),U46619 (PubChem CID 16760624),

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