Organic-inorganic hybrid (CH3NH3)2FeCuI4Cl2 and (CH3NH3)2InCuI6 for ultraviolet light photodetectors.


School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory/Collaborative Innovation Center of Chemical Energy Storage, Liaocheng University, China. [Email] [Email] [Email]


Photodetectors play a key role in the military, aerospace, communications, bio-imaging, etc. In this study, we fabricate photodetector devices based on (CH3NH3)2FeCuI4Cl2 (MA2FeCuI4Cl2) and (CH3NH3)2InCuI6 (MA2InCuI6) for the first time. We find that the device based on MA2InCuI6 is highly selective for ultraviolet light (880 nA mW-1) and shows high anti-interference for visible-light (20-50 nA mW-1). The electrochemical impedance results indicate that the value (480 ± 10 Ω) of the resistance based on the MA2InCuI6 photodetector device is much smaller than that (1 ± 0.001 MΩ) based on the MA2FeCuI4Cl2 photodetector device, which in turn proves the difference in photoelectric response.

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