Osteoporosis Recognition in Rats under Low-Power Lens Based on Convexity Optimization Feature Fusion.


School of Basic Medical Science, Guangdong Medical University, Zhanjiang, 524023, China. [Email]


Considering the poor medical conditions in some regions of China, this paper attempts to develop a simple and easy way to extract and process the bone features of blurry medical images and improve the diagnosis accuracy of osteoporosis as much as possible. After reviewing the previous studies on osteoporosis, especially those focusing on texture analysis, a convexity optimization model was proposed based on intra-class dispersion, which combines texture features and shape features. Experimental results show that the proposed model boasts a larger application scope than Lasso, a popular feature selection method that only supports generalized linear models. The research findings ensure the accuracy of osteoporosis diagnosis and enjoy good potentials for clinical application.

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