Pathomechanism of traumatic indirect choroidal rupture.


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The probable chain of events responsible for choroidal rupture is as follows. During high-speed orbital injuries, the protective ocular reflexes position the eye in an elevated, and abducted position. At this point in time, the anteroposterior compressive forces on to the globe create an eccentrically positioned circle of damaging currents along the posterior ocular coats against a relatively static optic nerve. Because of this eccentricity, a longer radius of curvature is expected to lie along the temporal half of the globe leading to an elastic recoil of the retinal and scleral layers and a fracture along the RPE-Bruch's-Choriocapillaris complex manifesting clinically as choroidal rupture.


Blunt trauma,Indirect choroidal rupture,Ocular injuries,

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