Performance of the Accelerate Diagnostics PhenoTM system with resin-containing BacT/ALERT® Plus blood culture bottles.


Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, Department of Pathology, Duke University Health System. Electronic address: [Email]


Bacteremia and septicemia require rapid identification (ID) and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) to start targeted, appropriate therapy. To answer this need, Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc., developed the Accelerate Pheno™ system (AXDX), a fast ID and phenotypic AST platform. Performance of a pre-FDA clearance version of AXDX was evaluated using 261 positive BacT/ALERT® Plus bottles and compared with standard of care (SOC). Average time to ID was reduced by 24.9±6.9 h and AST by 36.7±18.9 h compared with SOC. AXDX reports ID and AST of blood pathogens in 1.9 and 7.1 h. Positive percent agreement and negative percent agreement of AXDX ID were 94.5% and 98.9%, respectively. AXDX AST had an essential agreement of 96.5% and categorical agreement of 94.6% with 4 major errors and 7 very major errors. AXDX performance was acceptable for all 3 bottle types. Rapid ID and AST with AXDX could impact patient care and antimicrobial stewardship.


Antimicrobial susceptibility testing,Bacteremia,Blood culture,Morphometric analysis,Rapid identification,Septicemia,