Periodontal and prosthetic outcomes on teeth prepared with biologically oriented preparation technique: a 4-year follow-up prospective clinical study.


Department of Stomatology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Valencia University, Valencia, Spain. Electronic address: [Email]


OBJECTIVE : To evaluate the clinicaland biological behavior of full coverage restorations on teeth prepared without finish line during a 4-year follow-up.
METHODS : This prospective study included 149 teeth treated using biologically oriented preparation technique (BOPT). The sample (149 teeth) was divided into two groups: Seventy four teeth restored with crowns, and 75 teeth supporting fixed partial dentures (FPD). Restorations were fabricated with zirconium oxide cores and ceramic coverings. Patients attended regular annual check-ups when probe depth, presence of inflammation with bleeding on probing, presence of plaque, gingival thickness, marginal stability, biological or mechanical complications, and the patient's level of satisfaction were registered over a 4-year follow-up.
RESULTS : After the 4-year follow-up, 2.1% of teeth underwent increases in probing depth; 12% of the sample presented inflammation and bleeding on probing; 20% of the restored teeth presented plaque; gingival thickening increased a 32.5%; 98.6% of teeth presented marginal stability; the restoration survival rate was 96.6%, with 2% of biological complications and 1.4% of mechanical complications. General satisfaction score was 80.73.
CONCLUSIONS : Restorations placed on teeth prepared using BOPT present good periodontal behavior, increase of gingival thickening, and marginal stability over a 4-year follow-up. High survival rates after 4 years show that the technique produces predictable outcomes.
CONCLUSIONS : The BOPT technique is a good treatment option in cases where replacement of an old restoration is required; presenting good periodontal behavior, gingival thickening, and marginal stability.


BOPT,dental crown,dental preparation,periodontal health,zirconia,