Pharmacology of the single isomer, esuberaprost (beraprost-314d) on pulmonary vascular tone, IP receptors and human smooth muscle proliferation in pulmonary hypertension.


Institute of Cardiovascular Science, University College London, London, UK. Electronic address: [Email]


Beraprost is a prostacyclin analogue and IP receptor agonist which is approved to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) in Asia. The beraprost-314d isomer (esuberaprost) is one of four stereoisomers contained within the racemic mixture of beraprost. The pharmacological profile of esuberaprost is now evaluated to determine how stereoisomer separation affects its potency and mode of action in functional assays.


Beraprost optical isomers,Cyclic AMP,Prostanoid IP and EP(3) receptors,Pulmonary hypertension,Smooth muscle cell proliferation,Vascular tone,

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