Physiotherapy for New Actors: Disputes and Innovations in Care for Chronically Ill Children.


Instituto Nacional de Saúde da Mulher, da Criança e do Adolescentes Fernandes Figueira, Fiocruz. Av. Rui Barbosa 716, Flamengo. 22250-020 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brasil. [Email]


Based on interviews with physiotherapists, we explored the arguments produced by them about their actions and the relationships of a change that has been taking place in the profile of illness in children, where an increased prevalence of complex chronic conditions has been observed. Structured in a qualitative approach, data were generated based on two provocative affirmations that generated arguments by the professionals. Data analysis revealed statements that can be referred to as results of power struggles over the performance in this new field of knowledge. Physiotherapists seek to affirm themselves through their knowledge and by approaching other professional categories, especially Medicine, in order to feel recognized and valued. However, we see that these professionals use a simpler discourse with family and caregivers, creating a bond of trust and identification with them, which facilitates their care and access to children. We point out the need for the hospital environment to be recognized as a place for the action of other categories, besides Medicine and Nursing, and the valuation in pediatric physiotherapy.

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