Pin-up Glottoplasty: Feasibility Study of a Novel Approach Medializing or Lateralizing Immobile Vocal Folds.


Center for Clinical Neurosciences, Department of Voice, Speech and Hearing Disorders, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany. Electronic address: [Email]


Principles in medializing and lateralizing vocal folds have not changed a lot within the last decades (Isshiki et al, 1974; Bruenings, 1911). We present a feasibility study for a completely new approach to perform medialization and lateralization of immobile vocal folds. The method was tested on 20 human larynges by inserting a 21G needle into the vocal fold, medializing (or, in other cases, lateralizing) the vocal cord and fixing the needle at the cricoid cartilage posteriorly. The anterior and posterior fixation points of the needle allow for a stable positioning of the needle, which we consider necessary in both cases of medialization or lateralization. The needle position was examined visually as well as three-dimensionally via cone beam computed tomography.


Compromised airway,Laryngeal framework surgery,Vocal fold lateralization,Vocal fold medialization,Voice,