Population genetic data of 20 insertion-null allele markers in the Andalusian population.


University of Granada. Lab. of Genetic Identification. Dept. of Legal Medicine, Toxicology & Physical Anthropology. Faculty of Medicine, PTS. Av. Investigacion 11, 18016, Granada, Spain. [Email]


Genetic data from 21 autosomal insertion-null (INNULs) markers found in the InnoTyper® 21 Human DNA Analysis (InnoGenomics®) was evaluated in 190 unrelated individuals from Andalusia. Allele frequencies and forensic parameters were estimated for the 20 INNULs. All loci were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in the study population after Bonferroni correction and showed no signs of linkage between them. The combined power of discrimination and the power of exclusion for the 20 INNULs were 1-7.42352 × 10-9 and 93.60946%, respectively. These data might be useful for the research of population genetics and for individual identification and paternity testing in forensic science.


Andalusia,InnoTyper® 21,Population genetics,

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