Population genetics data for 22 autosomal STR loci in European, South Asian and African populations using SureID® 23comp Human DNA Identification Kit.


Anglia DNA Services, Scottow Enterprise Park, Norwich, United Kingdom. Electronic address: [Email]


Allele frequency data for 22 short tandem repeat loci; D18S1364, D1S1656, D13S325, D5S2800, D9S1122, D4S2366, D3S1744, D12S391, D11S2368, D21S2055, D20S482, D8S1132, D7S3048, D2S441, D19S253, D10S1248, D17S1301, D22-GATA198B05, D16S539, D6S474, D14S1434 and D15S659 from the SureID® 23comp Human DNA Identification Kit have been determined for unrelated individuals in European, South Asian and African populations. Deviations from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium were observed in loci D1S1656 and D19S253 in European; D18S1364, D6S474 and D14S1434 in South Asian; and D9S1122 and D8S1132 in African populations (p-value <0.05). However, after Bonferroni correction no significant deviations were observed (p-value <0.002). The most discriminating loci were D1S1656 and D12S391 for European (PD=0.977), D21S2055 for South Asian (PD=0.980), and D21S2055 and D7S3048 for African (PD=0.972) populations. The match probabilities were 1 in 6.7×1025 for European, 1 in 1.4×1026 for South Asian and 1 in 1.6×1026 for African populations. These findings established the high discriminatory capacity and robustness of the tested STR loci for forensic identification and kinship testing.


African,European,Population genetics data,Short tandem repeats,South Asian,SureID(®) 23comp kit,

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