Postoperative Pain Management in Dermatologic Surgery: A Systematic Review.


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Given the opposing pressures placed on dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons by the need for adequate postoperative analgesia and the current US opioid epidemic, a systematic review was performed to analyze postoperative pain management in outpatient dermatologic surgery. Dermatologic procedures are generally associated with minor postoperative pain of short duration. Anxiety reduction may lead to less postoperative pain. Studies vary on which anatomic locations and repair types are more or less associated with pain. Evidence supports the use of acetaminophen and ibuprofen for first-line postoperative analgesia in dermatologic surgery. Opioids, if given, should only be prescribed in small quantities.


Acetaminophen,Analgesia,Dermatologic surgery,Ibuprofen,Mohs micrographic surgery,Narcotic,Opioid,Postoperative pain,