Prediction of Deflection of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Fiber Reinforced Polymer.


Department of Reinforced Concrete Structures and Geotechnics, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, LT-10223 Vilnius, Lithuania. [Email]


The article analyses the calculation of the deflection of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with fiber reinforced polymer. This paper specifically focuses on estimating deflection when the yielding of reinforcement is reached. The article proposes a simple method for calculating deflection that was compared with the experimentally predicted deflection. The carried out comparison has showed that the proposed method is suitable not only for the strengthened beams but also for the reinforced concrete beams with a varying reinforcement ratio. The suggested calculation method is based on the effective moment of inertia, such as the one introduced in the ACI Committee 318 Building Code Requirement for Structural Concrete (ACI318). The development of deflection was divided into three stages, and equations for the effective moment of inertia were proposed considering separate stages. In addition, the put forward equations were modified attaching additional relative coefficients evaluating a change in the depth of the neutral axis.


FRP,deflection,effective moment of inertia,strengthening,yielding,