Prednisolone treatment induced temporary factor IX normalization in mild hemophilia B who required an epidural infiltration: A case report.


Normandie Univ, UNIROUEN, INSERM U1096, Rouen University Hospital, Vascular Hemostasis Unit, F76000 Rouen, France. Electronic address: [Email]


A 31-year-old man with mild hemophilia B developed a herniated disc treated with prednisolone for back pain. Surprisingly, hemostasis result tests performed before epidural infiltration were a normal activated partial thrombin time at 36.1 s. (normal range 27.9-37.7 s.) and factor IX (FIX) level 76% (normal range>70%), 13 days after prednisolone introduction. After a second control with a normal FIX level and a second genetic confirmation of hemophilia, no FIX concentrates was administered to perform the infiltration, which occurred without hemorrhagic complication. This new case of FIX normalization showed the necessity to have a perfect knowledge of patient's treatment to avoid misdiagnosis and a temporary normal hemostasis permit to perform epidural infiltration without replacement therapy.


Epidural infiltration,Factor IX normalization,Fresh frozen plasma,Hemophilia,Herniated disc,

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