Preparation of Whole Bone Marrow for Mass Cytometry Analysis of Neutrophil-lineage Cells.


Division of Inflammation Biology, La Jolla Institute for Immunology; [Email]


In this article, we present a protocol that is optimized to preserve neutrophil-lineage cells in fresh BM for whole BM CyTOF analysis. We utilized a myeloid-biased 39-antibody CyTOF panel to evaluate the hematopoietic system with a focus on the neutrophil-lineage cells by using this protocol. The CyTOF result was analyzed with an open-resource dimensional reduction algorithm, viSNE, and the data was presented to demonstrate the outcome of this protocol. We have discovered new neutrophil-lineage cell populations based on this protocol. This protocol of fresh whole BM preparation may be used for 1), CyTOF analysis to discover unidentified cell populations from whole BM, 2), investigating whole BM defects for patients with blood disorders such as leukemia, 3), assisting optimization of fluorescence-activated flow cytometry protocols that utilize fresh whole BM.

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