Price and sales volume of sugar-sweetened beverages, diet drinks, sweets and chocolates: analysis of Danish retail scanner data.


Center for Clinical Research and Prevention, Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital, Nordre Fasanvej 57, 2000, Frederiksberg, Denmark. [Email]


OBJECTIVE : The objective of the present study was to investigate the relationship between price and sales volume of non-alcoholic sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs), diet drinks, sweets and chocolates, including own and cross price elasticity to further quantify the potential impact of price.
METHODS : The study was based on retail scanner data for grocery sales from retail outlet chains in Denmark during the year 2008-2015. A fixed-effects model was used to estimate the association between price and sales volume, using own price and cross price elasticity.
RESULTS : Sales volume of all sugary products except for chocolates were significantly negatively associated with price. Own price elasticity varied from -0.3 to -0.4 for drinks and sweets indicating that a 10% increase in price would cause a reduction in sales by 3 or 4%. A 10% increase in price of carbonated SSBs would increase sales of diet drinks by 7%. Cross price elasticities for other products were not significant.
CONCLUSIONS : The results of the present study demonstrated significant negative associations between changes in price and changes in the sale of SSBs, diet drinks and sweets.

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