Psoriasis and metabolic and cardiovascular comorbidities in children: A systematic review.


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BACKGROUND : Psoriasis is associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular and/or metabolic comorbidity in adults, but discordant data have been reported in children.
OBJECTIVE : To evaluate the frequency of metabolic and cardiovascular comorbidity in children with psoriasis and to establish whether age at onset of psoriasis correlates with metabolic and cardiovascular comorbidity in adulthood.
METHODS : We conducted a systematic review on MEDLINE, using PubMed and Ovid. The search was limited to children (<18 years). The following key words were used: "psoriasis" with "children or childhood or adolescent" and "obesity" or "hypertension" or "diabetes" or "dyslipidemia" or "cardiovascular risk factor" or "myocardial infarction" or "stroke" or "coronaropathy" or "comorbidity". The reference lists of the articles retrieved were checked for additional relevant studies.
RESULTS : A total of 377 potential citations were analyzed. After removing duplicate articles and reviewing eligibility in titles and abstracts, 16 articles remained. The studies analyzed revealed significantly higher risk of overweight and obesity in children with psoriasis, despite the numerous definitions used. Four studies reported higher risk of abdominal obesity in children with psoriasis. Data on hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, and major cardiovascular events suggested there was no higher risk of these comorbidities in children with psoriasis. Two studies suggested that age at onset of psoriasis did not increase the frequency of comorbidity in adulthood.
CONCLUSIONS : This systematic review suggests that psoriasis in children is not associated with metabolic and cardiovascular comorbidities, except overweight and obesity, for which higher prevalence is clearly demonstrated in the literature.


Body mass index,Cardiovascular risk factors,Childhood,Children,Comorbidity,Diabetes,Metabolic syndrome,Obesity,Psoriasis,