Recommendations on Testing Before Outpatient Dermatologic Surgery.


Servicio de Dermatología, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, Madrid, España. Electronic address: [Email]


BACKGROUND : Short-duration ambulatory surgery for the removal of skin tumors under local anesthesia is increasingly common in dermatology. Preoperative assessment has traditionally targeted the identification of any unknown diseases or other health conditions that might lead to changes in plans for anesthesia or surgery. Hospitals and specialists differ greatly in the tests they order in patients about to undergo outpatient dermatologic surgery given that hardly any finding would be likely to contraindicate or lead to changes in the procedure. This study aimed to provide guidance for those ordering tests before outpatient dermatologic surgery.
METHODS : In 2017 our hospital developed a protocol to standardize preoperative testing for outpatient dermatologic surgery. We designed an observational, descriptive, retrospective analysis of tests ordered for patients scheduled for such surgery before and after the protocol was applied.
RESULTS : Fewer tests were ordered after the protocol was introduced. We detected no statistically significant differences in relation to type of surgery planned or postoperative complications.
CONCLUSIONS : Patients about to undergo outpatient dermatologic surgery under local anesthesia who have no unusual health risks may not require preoperative testing.


Ambulatory surgical procedures,Anestesia local,Dermatology,Dermatología,Enfermedades de la piel,Estudio retrospectivo,Local anesthesia,Procedimientos de cirugía ambulatoria,Retrospective study,Skin diseases,

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