Recurrent pre-retinal haemorrhages associated with coagulation factor VII deficiency.


Servicio de Oftalmología, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Madrid, España. Electronic address: [Email]


The case concerns a 20 year-old woman with a sudden visual loss in her left eye. In the fundus examination, a focal pre-retinal haemorrhage was observed in the superior temporal vascular branch with accompanying vitreous haemorrhage. There was a favourable spontaneous outcome. Eighteen months later, she presented with a new visual loss in the same eye, showing a sub-hyaloid pre-macular haemorrhage that was satisfactorily drained by hyaloidotomy using a Nd-YAG laser. The patient had also presented with an upper digestive tract haemorrhage and menorrhagia. A haemostasis study was performed that showed a coagulation factor VII deficiency. This is a very uncommon disorder that has not been previously described in association with the appearance of pre-retinal haemorrhages.


Hemorragia premacular,Hemorragia prerretiniana,Hemorragia subhialoidea,Hialoidotomía,Hyaloidotomy,Láser Nd-YAG,Nd-YAG laser,PRE-retinal haemorrhage,Pre-macular haemorrhage,Sub-hyaloid haemorrhage,