Reduction mammaplasty with superomedial pedicle technique: A literature review and retrospective analysis of 938 consecutive breast reductions.


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BACKGROUND : The superomedial pedicle reduction mammaplasty has been noted in the literature to provide superior aesthetic results and longevity as well as shorter operative times. However, the inferior pedicle continues to be the most commonly utilized technique in the United States. There is a lack of large-volume outcome studies examining how the superomedial pedicle technique compares against more established reduction methods.
METHODS : A retrospective review of 938 reduction mammaplasties was performed at a single institution over a 10-year period. A literature review of superomedial and inferior pedicle complication rates were performed. Study variables were compared against overall mean complication rates for the two techniques. Logistic regression, paired student T-Tests, and Chi-square analyses were used to calculate adjusted odds ratios and to compare continuous and categorical variables.
RESULTS : Mean reduction weight was 730 g per breast, ranging from 100 to 4700 g. Overall complication rate was 16%, of which 10% were minor complications related to delayed wound healing. No cases of skin flap necrosis occurred. Increased complications were highly correlated with a BMI > 30, breast reduction weights > 831 g, and sternal notch to nipple distances > 35.5 cm.
CONCLUSIONS : The superomedial pedicle reduction mammaplasty technique is safe and reliable with a complication rate lower than the inferior pedicle technique. Based on our findings we propose that residents should be exposed to this method of reduction mammaplasty as part of a compilation of techniques learned in residency and that practicing surgeons would benefit from becoming familiar with its applications.


Breast reduction,Breast reduction weight,Complication rate,Inferior pedicle,Reduction mammaplasty,Superomedial pedicle,

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