Regulation of eIF4F Translation Initiation Complex by the Peptidyl Prolyl Isomerase FKBP7 in Taxane-resistant Prostate Cancer.


Prostate Cancer Group, INSERM UMR981, Villejuif, France. [Email]


Targeted therapies that use the signaling pathways involved in prostate cancer are required to overcome chemoresistance and improve treatment outcomes for men. Molecular chaperones play a key role in the regulation of protein homeostasis and are potential targets for overcoming chemoresistance.Experimental Design: We established 4 chemoresistant prostate cancer cell lines and used image-based high-content siRNA functional screening, based on gene-expression signature, to explore mechanisms of chemoresistance and identify new potential targets with potential roles in taxane resistance. The functional role of a new target was assessed by in vitro and in vivo silencing, and mass spectrometry analysis was used to identify its downstream effectors.