Sentinel-node biopsy in early-stage ovarian cancer: preliminary results of a prospective multicentre study (SELLY).


Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS, Gynecologic Oncology, Dipartimento per le Scienze della Salute della Donna e del Bambino, Roma, Italia. Electronic address: [Email]


Systematic paraaortic and bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy is the standard of a comprehensive surgical staging in presumed early epithelial ovarian cancer, but no prospective randomized evidence suggests a possible therapeutic value. Moreover, this procedure is associated with potential severe morbidity. The Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer trial is a prospective study designed to test whether sentinel node detection can accurately predict nodal status in a cohort of women with early epithelial ovarian cancer.


early ovarian cancer,indocyanine green,laparoscopy,lymphadenectomy,minimally invasive surgery,sentinel node,

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