Stapedotomy with incus vibroplasty - A novel surgical solution of advanced otosclerosis and its place among existing therapeutic modalities - Hungarian single institutional experiences.


University of Pécs, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Pécs, 7621, Munkácsy M Str 2, Hungary. Electronic address: [Email]


OBJECTIVE : To delineate the advantages and steps of stapedotomy with incus vibroplasty, to assess the safety and efficacy of this method via the authors' experiences, and to overview the literature regarding other surgical options in advanced otosclerosis determining the place of stapedotomy with incus vibroplasty in the therapeutic range.
METHODS : Four patients were enrolled in the study presenting severe mixed hearing loss of at least one side on pure tone audiometry. Based on complementary audiological examinations including stapedial reflex test and multifrequency tympanometry, all cases were suspected as advanced otosclerosis. Stapedotomy with incus vibroplasty - the combination of laser stapedotomy and simultaneous Vibrant Soundbridge implantation - was performed in each patient. Preoperative pure tone average, speech recognition thresholds and word recognition scores were compared to one-year postoperative free-field values with the implant switched on focusing on functional gain.
RESULTS : Among 4 participants (3 females, 1 male) the mean age (SD) was 66 years (35). In three cases Nitinol, in one case NitiBond piston was inserted. One-year postoperative free-field functional gains were 30 dB, 34 dB, 42 dB and 51 dB, respectively. One-year postoperative free-field speech recognition thresholds were 45 dB, 45 dB, 49 dB and 50 dB, respectively, while word recognition scores were 70%, 70%, 70% and 75%, respectively.
CONCLUSIONS : Postoperative results in our serie regarding pure tone average and word recognition score proved to be better than those found in the literature. Stapedotomy with incus vibroplasty - through sufficient air-bone gap closure and simultaneous sensorineural component management - seems to be a promising surgical solution in advanced otosclerosis, requiring further investigation.


Active middle ear implant,Advanced otosclerosis,Laser stapedotomy,Mixed hearing loss,