Strengthening national health research systems in the WHO African Region - progress towards universal health coverage.


Inter-Country Support Team for Eastern & Southern Africa, Health Systems and Services Cluster, World Health Organization, P.O Box CY 348, Causeway, Harare, Zimbabwe. [Email]


Health challenges and health systems set-ups differ, warranting contextualised healthcare interventions to move towards universal health coverage. As such, there is emphasis on generation of contextualized evidence to solve local challenges. However, weak research capacity and inadequate resources remain an impendiment to quality research in the African region. WHO African Region (WHO AFR) facilitated the adoption of a regional strategy for strengthening national health research systems (NHRS) in 2015. We assessed the progress in strengthening NHRS among the 47 member states of the WHO AFR.


Barometer,Financing for research,National health research systems,Research coordination,Research for health governance,