Structure based designing of triazolopyrimidone-based reversible inhibitors for kinases involved in NSCLC.


Molecular Modelling Lab (MML), Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab 147002, India. Electronic address: [Email]


Secondary acquired mutant EGFR (L858R-T790M) overexpressed NSCLC forms one of the prevalent form of resistant NSCLC. Another subset of resistant NSCLC includes amplified cMET in mutant EGFR derived tumours. Thus, in continuation to our previous work on these two major targets of resistant NSCLC, i.e., EGFR (L858R-T790M) and cMET, we are hereby reporting reversible inhibitors of these kinases. Out of 11 lead molecules reported in our previous study, we selected triazolo-pyrimidone (BAS 09867482) scaffold for further development of small molecule dual and reversible inhibitors. Analogues of lead with different substituents on the side ring were sketched and docked in both the target kinases, followed by molecular dynamic simulations. Analogues maintaining hydrophobic interaction with M790 in secondary acquired mutant EGFR (L858R-T790M) were selected and duly synthesized. In vitro biochemical evaluation of these molecules against EGFR (L858R-T790M) and cMET kinase, along with EGFR (L858R) kinase disclosed that three molecules were having significant dual kinase inhibitory potential with IC50 values well below 100 nM. Further, in vitro anti-proliferative assay against three cell lines (A549, A431 and H460) was performed. Out of all, two compounds were having significant potency against these cell lines.


EGFR (T790M),Molecular dynamics,NSCLC,Triazolopyrimidone,cMET,

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