Subcarrier Allocation Based Cooperative Spectrum Sharing with Wireless Energy Harvesting in OFDM Relaying Networks.


School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China. [Email]


In this paper, we propose subcarrier allocation based cooperative spectrum sharing protocol for OFDM relaying networks with wireless energy harvesting. In the proposed protocol, the cognitive relay node utilizes different subcarriers to forward the primary information to obtain the spectrum access for the cognitive system transmission. The primary system consists of two parts, a primary transmitter (PT) and primary receiver (PR), and cognitive system includes a cognitive source node (CSN), cognitive destination node (CDN) and cognitive relay node (CRN). In the first phase, CRN splits a fraction of the power received from the PT and CSN transmission to decode information, while the remaining power is used for energy harvesting. Then CRN uses disjoint subcarriers to forward the signals of PT and CSN by utilizing the harvested energy in the second phase. Three parameters which consist of power splitting ratio, power allocation and subcarriers allocation are optimized in our algorithm to maximize the cognitive transmission rate with the constraint of primary target transmission rate. Numerical and simulation results are shown to give useful insights into the proposed cooperative spectrum sharing protocol, and we also found that various system parameters have a great effect for the simulation results.


OFDM relaying,cooperative spectrum sharing,power splitting,subcarrier allocation,